New Suite Management Tool Provides Better Front-End Experiences and Back-End Efficiencies

At ALSD International 2019 in Dublin, Ungerboeck showcased its new application that assists short-staffed venues with servicing premium inventory at scale, as well as end users with better suite management for F&B ordering and ticket distribution.


Sports and entertainment venues across the globe commonly struggle with how to do more with less. To assist lean teams, Ungerboeck has built the suite management extension application for its event management software solution to track long- and short-term suite inventory, automatically send invoices, and handle all food and beverage orders, among other time-saving utilities.

“It provides a streamlined way for [suite holders] to place all of their catering orders,” says Jake Griesenauer, Senior Product Manager at Ungerboeck. “It’s going to make things much more efficient… to where your staff doesn’t have to spend time over the phone or processing through an email to take care of those orders and enter them in and then communicate back and forth with the end users.”

“Something that may have taken days in the past now takes a matter of minutes.”

– Jake Griesenauer, Ungerboeck

On the front end, the suite management application provides an elevated experience for the end user, the suite administrator in particular. It’s a responsive, web-based app, so admins can access the application on any type of device and are able to perform any tasks that they need to within the application, including attendee and ticket management.

Attendee management features include an integrated dashboard, which helps suite owners track their invitations. An RSVP application allows for attendees to communicate whether or not they’ll be attending and how many guests they’ll be bringing, as well as food allergies they or their guests have.

Within this functionality, suite owners can queue up additional invitations to attendees in the event that some of their original invitees decline. As invitations are freed up, they’ll automatically be sent out to those wait-listed individuals.

Suite holders can also automatically distribute digital tickets to all attending guests or even schedule distribution for a pre-determined number of days prior to the event.

“We’ve really expanded on our API capabilities and our integration capabilities in the last few years,” Griesenaur says. “It’s really going to change quite a bit, so a lot of it is just analyzing it on a case-by-case basis and seeing what makes the most sense for all parties involved – the venue, the caterer, the ticketing provider, and being able to accommodate it through that single solution.

“We built suite management with the intent of needing to solve the case of how do I quickly adjust my menu, my pricing for this event, for this performance, so that I can then continue and focus on something else. Something that may have taken days in the past now takes a matter of minutes.”

This video content was published in partnership with Ungerboeck.
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