NFL will offer refunds for season tickets and individual game tickets in case of work stoppage

Premium seat refund policies left up to each club.

Editor's Note: I would expect to see more articles like this in the coming months, including coverage in SEAT.
The NFL plans to announce later today that it will offer a full ticket refund for all general admission seats to all preseason and regular season games canceled by a work stoppage in 2011, USA TODAY has learned.
The league-wide policy will not, however, include refunds for Personal Seat Licenses (PSL's) or more expensive club seats and luxury suites.
Each of the league's 32 clubs will be free to determine their own policies on PSL's, club seats and suites.
The league-wide refund policy will go into effect if the NFL and NFLPA don't secure a new collective bargaining agreement for next season. The league is announcing it now because season ticket holders are due to get renewal notices in the mail soon for the endangered 2011 season.
"We are working hard to secure an agreement with the union that is fair and forward-thinking to ensure our game is sound and strong well into the future," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a statement. "We know we will reach an agreement at some point. We all want football without interruption, but our fans are entitled to know now that they would receive refunds if any games are canceled."
About a million fans attend NFL games each week during the regular season. NFL teams could have to cough up refunds of $7 million to $8 million for each canceled game, league spokesman Brian McCarthy estimates.
Here's how the refund policy on general admission seats will work:

• Fans will get a full refund for all canceled preseason and regular-season games.

• Season and partial season ticket holders will have the option to get their money back either in the form they paid (such as a personal check or credit card) or as a credit toward ticket purchases for future games.

• Fans buying individual game tickets can either get a refund or the option to swap their canceled game ticket for a game selected by the club and subject to availability.

• When will fans get their money back? The NFL says they'll be paid no later than 30 days after the final determination of how many games will be played next season.


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