Open Your Venue with Strong Fan Engagement

Teams throughout all leagues have had much success in building strong season ticket bases which cannot be surrendered to the hurdles of 2020. Teams can still create the future of sports and entertainment, one with prosperity, excitement, and loyalty.

COVID-19 has crippled our industry. But it has also given us an opportunity to stop, rethink, and create the entertainment industry of tomorrow. This pause has allowed all teams the opportunity to implement the latest and greatest technology and revisit the entire fan journey, from entering the building to food and beverage dining, from concessions to premium areas.

In clubs and lounges, small plates with chef-attended action stations will help remove outdated buffets and keep food safe and fresh. Lower revenue concession locations can be converted to grab-and-go markets with packaged items. This solution will provide safe and quick options for fans who are not comfortable waiting in concession lines.

Keeping fans safe and secure in venues continues to be our number-one priority. One way to easily achieve it is by providing a giveaway mask with team logos for every fan to wear. These giveaway masks, like the Terrible Towel, clappers, vuvuzelas, or the Cheesehead will become a signature item for cheering on your favorite team. We believe a bad situation should not be countered with yet another bad situation. Marketing teams should be able to get on daily highlights with giveaway masks. These efforts will create a sense of supporting the team.

Contactless payment will be a must for venues to show their commitment to the safety and security of staff and fans. Implementing a payment system will only help with the payment portion. Venues also need a strong concessions team with a great system and ergonomics to effectively serve fans and increase throughput of concession lines. Lines have been proven to be mitigated with proper planning, training, and staffing. Many venue concession workers run marathons within the concession stands simply to get a bottle of water or plate of nachos. It’s time to think differently and challenge foodservice teams for better results.

Are you evaluating your foodservice experiences to ensure safe and profitable environments?
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