Opening Super Panel: Be the Change: Our Why & How

If looking for our “why” is the start of our industry’s odyssey, asking “how” is a critical next step. How can we make our venues more than solely modern day marvels? How can we design and deliver inclusivity? How do we mobilize a sustainability effort? How do we ensure our workplace, training space, and premium mix embrace wellness and diverse demographic needs? Owners, operators, and innovators are leaning in, trying to be the change we all want to see. Join them in the conversation. 

  • Uma Srivastava (Moderator), Executive Director, KultureCity
  • Dr. Justin Anderson, Founder, Sport Psychologist, Premier Sport Psychology
  • Adam Stover, Senior Interior Designer, Senior Principal, Populous
  • Adina Erwin, General Manager, Barclays Center
  • Tracy Stuckrath, Founder, Culinary Concierge, thrive! meetings & events 
Start Time
9:30 a.m.