The Palace of Auburn Hills to install smart seats

Beginning in 2016, Palace Sports & Entertainment will be replacing all seats at the Palace of Auburn Hills with “smart” seats capable of linking to the seat holder’s mobile device. The $6 million seat replacement project will happen in three phases and be completed in 2018.

The smart-seat installation comes on the heels of the $15 million that has been invested into technology renovations in recent years, including the new Palace 360 video board system with six HD displays. Additionally, 300 access points were installed to upgrade Wi-Fi service.

Smart seats will allow fans to do things like order food from their seats, engage with Palace 360, and purchase seat upgrades.

Additional high-tech elements at the Palace of Auburn Hills include 30 mobile concessions carts capable of dynamically changing concession pricing and 50 beacons that communicate seat upgrades, concession promotions, or merchandise deals with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Hundreds more beacons are scheduled to be installed later this year.

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