Past is Prologue: Premium Seating Through the Years. What we have learned; Where we are going.

Time flies and we're having fun. The premium seat business really began 30 years ago when only 3% of the seats were premium. Today nearly 20% of all seats are premium and it approaches 40% of the ticket revenue. During those 30 years, virtually every single stadium in the country has undergone multiple changes. Many have been replaced but those which have not would hardly be recognized today. Skyboxes beget executive suites beget club suites beget loge boxes beget multiple variations on a theme. The entire venue is now gentrified in most venues and it could be argued that a well-designed stadium does not have a bad seat in the house. Meanwhile, fans have become accustomed to the fan experience; they demand wi-fi, enormous scoreboards, multiple menu options, multiple stadium clubs. Next appears to be gaming and esports and perhaps even new leagues springing up in Spring and every other season. All of this is accomplished in an era of high-tech and it's clear that AR and AI are here to stay. What have we learned throughout these transformational years and what does it all mean for premium seating?

2019 - Tuesday, July 2
Time Start: 
1:30 p.m.
Time End: 
2:00 p.m.
Marriott Marquis Chicago

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