Photo Gallery: Ten features of the new Atlanta Falcons’ stadium

Click on the link at the bottom to view renderings displaying the unique design elements of the new Atlanta Falcons' stadium. These elements include:

  • The stadium roof opening, which was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, will span 14.5 acres.
  • A halo board, the largest in the world and a first of its kind, will stretch 58 feet tall and circle 11,000 linear feet in diameter.
  • The plaza on the northeast concourse will offer panoramic views of Downtown Atlanta.
  • The stadium will feature seven bars and restaurants, including its most exclusive area – the Owner's Club.
  • The stadium will have 190 suites, including offerings 35 rows from the field.
  • 7,500 club seats will populate nearly 60,000 square feet of space.
  • A private stadium entrance from premium parking will take members directly into one of the stadium’s clubs.
  • The Champions Lounge area will be located at field level behind the team benches and feature on-field patio areas, lounge seating, private bars, and restrooms.
  • Sixteen Touchdown Suites will be located at field level in each end zone. 
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