Placing a Premium on Health and Wellness

Stressed is a state-of-mind for too many in the sports industry. Competition, pressure to perform, and hours all add up. And we aren't talking about the athletes. Premium and venue leaders are met regularly with anxiety and even distress, and just not at work. Pile on a pandemic, and for some it's just about too much. How do we get back to equilibrium? Moreover, do we normalize and embrace the mental health conversation in our workplace? We must lean in to the very real discussion, and also learn how to help ourselves and others.

Leadership Track

  • Brett Zalaski, Founder, Empowerment of a Salesperson, Managing Director, Talent Development, ISBI Virtual Sales Network
  • Greg Kettner, Speaker, Coach, Podcaster, WorkHappy Nation
  • Michele Kajiwara, Senior Vice President, Premium and Events Business, STAPLES Center/AEG
Starvine 12, West Convention Center, Level 3
Starvine 13, West Convention Center, Level 3
Start Time
4:00 p.m.
End Time
4:40 p.m.