Podcast: Brett Zalaski

  • Brett Zalaski, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service, Houston Dynamo


B2B sales in sports and entertainment remains a topic littered with questions from ALSD members. Selling to businesses is hard. It’s complex. It’s an art and a science. It’s misunderstood and requires a deeper dive beyond its face value or one perspective.

To help teams and venues overcome their B2B sales challenges, the ALSD launched our B2B Sales Forum last fall here on ALSD.com. Now two quarters into this new content platform, we’ve learned a lot (and continue to learn) about the topics and channels that you, the ALSD member, enjoy the most and experience the most benefit from.

ALSD Editorial Director Jared Frank recently dropped in on the man who lends his name to this podcast and advises the ALSD on B2B Sales Forum editorial. Brett Zalaski, VP of Ticket Sales and Service at the Houston Dynamo, answers the questions, instead of asks them in this episode. Learn more from Brett about how the ALSD’s B2B Sales Forum plans to help you manage your pipeline, secure more meetings, command your process, and dominate your sales goals.

After listening to this 15-minute excerpt of what was a much larger conversation, continue to get to know Brett Zalaski and his industry experience, as well as learn his top-three tips to become a better premium sales rep.


Brett Zalaski is the Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service for the Houston Dynamo. He can be reached at bzalaski@houstondynamo.com and is active on Twitter at @bzalaski.

If you have suggestions for topics within the B2B sales world that you would like the ALSD to cover in this B2B Sales Forum, please send those ideas to Brett and to Jared Frank at jared@alsd.com.


Why the ALSD is tackling the subject of B2B sales 1:24
The B2B sales topics to be covered 2:59
Who should participate in B2B sales content 4:30
What content types and frequency to expect 6:38
Differentiating B2B from B2C sales 9:29
How to best apply B2B marketing best practices to boost B2B sales 11:45
B2B influencers from outside of sports 14:25


Hear Brett speak at the 2017 ALSD Conference and Tradesow at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel on July 10-13.


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