Podcast: Mike Guiffre

  • Mike Guiffre, Vice President of Sales at TicketCity


B2B is going down the digital path, providing teams and venues with opportunities to reach prospective buyers in more effective ways than in the bygone era of cold calling. Yes, every venue still requires an active inside sales team. But the B2B sale is not a transactional sale. The approach of our premium sales teams needs to surpass merely passing along information on amenities, gifting jerseys, and treating clients to autograph sessions. Premium reps must embrace digital marketing and relationship building in order to put prospects into the right products and provide ongoing education to assist those buyers in maximizing the usage of those marketing assets.

Blanket advertising strategies based on emotion and amenities don’t work in the B2B world. Businesses need to be sold an ROI package. Learn from Mike Guiffre the basics of using data segmentation to target the right prospects with the right offerings at the right time.

Also learn why secondary ticket marketplaces are no different than Expedia is as a distribution channel for the airline and travel industries. Partnerships with secondary companies provide scale, reach, and marketing budgets than teams can’t replicate.


Mike Guiffre is the Vice President of Sales at TicketCity. He can be reached at mguiffre@ticketcity.com and is active on Twitter at @mjguff.


Favorite B2B Sales Story 0:33
Sales Working with Service 3:36
Sales Process: From Needs Discovery to Relationship Building 6:59
Ongoing Client Education 9:57
B2B Marketing: Data Segmentation and Targeted Messaging 12:38
B2B Is Not a Transactional Sale 16:31
Training B2B: The Core Skills Reps Need 20:17
Recruiting B2B: What to Look for When Hiring/Interviewing 25:17
How Teams Can Partner with the Secondary Market 29:55
How To Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of B2B Trends 38:48


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