Product Examples to Help Your Venue Reopen Safely

First Star Solutions’ Luis Rivera evaluates trending opportunities in the sports and entertainment industry to support reopening facilities. AI for crowd conditions, personal protective equipment, and menu engineering are some of the minimums.

Over the past several years, artificial intelligence has been a secondary need in sporting venues to understand food and beverage concession lines. Today, artificial intelligence allows fans to make informed decisions on navigating through high-traffic areas, enhancing the fan experience and keeping them safe. It can also assist with a venue's security and guarantee social distance many fans will insist on before returning to sports and entertainment venues.

Artificial Intelligence

Crowd intelligence leaders, such as WaitTime™, provide real-time data and historical analytics on crowd behavior. Their patented artificial intelligence gives operations personnel live information on crowd movement and density while delivering guests information they need to navigate through the venue.

The technology is comprised of sensors and servers. Sensors are mounted over each area where lines form and in high-traffic areas, such as ramps and vomitories, and then interpret this real-time data allowing operators and first responders to deploy the necessary actions to provide an efficient, safe experience for fans and consumers. This information enables larger gatherings of fans coming together to enjoy the excitement of the event.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment in the hospitality industry is being enhanced outside of the traditional hairnets and latex gloves with efforts to maintain the integrity of the food while safely servicing consumers. Face masks are a great option to include in hospitality areas. However, they take away the personal engagement and excitement of culinary, the food, and the consumer. At First Star Solutions, we found a product that will keep staff and consumers safe and allows staff to continue providing personal interaction and service with a smile.

Zshield™, a new generation of protective face shield, delivers the safety we are all asking for, from its sleek look to the comfortable holder rest that can be customized with team logos. This product is a must for food and beverage locations. Its features and benefits include:

  • A large wraparound visor providing additional facial protection
  • Optimal fit — It can be comfortably worn for many hours
  • Customer friendly — It allows visibility of facial expressions for verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Redirects bi-directional airflow
  • Adjustable up for active engagement and down for idle circumstance
  • Breakaway safety feature allowing for quick attaching and detaching from neck
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Minimal noticeability — It forms to the user’s neck and chest

Fans are ready to get back to their favorite entertainment venue and enjoy classics, including local specialties, peanuts, nachos, and a good hotdog with a cold beer. Getting venues open with fans in the stands is not an easy task. However, positive results are achievable if planned and managed correctly.

Are you evaluating your foodservice experiences to ensure safe and profitable environments?
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