Reopening Kit

As venue and event managers, handling logistics is what we do. However, the pandemic has required venue managers to reassess every aspect of operations. We must take a proactive approach to the current reopening process to better prepare for the future.

Now more than ever, marketers must map all customer touchpoints and position their brands in a way that makes them the obvious choice for customers. If marketers overlook these critical steps, outcomes for their businesses are extremely uncertain.

B2B buyers are screaming out for value. They will spend money when they know they are going to receive value. But we can’t expect that they are just going to see the value. We have to show it to them and make it obvious.

The dawn of a new day in sports has arrived, and top-notch venues must understand the power and purpose of the Peak-End Rule. Fan retention, renewals, referrals, and revenue are all highly connected to this reality in the marketplace of tomorrow.

Numerous studies from past economic crises show organizations aligned in leadership core competencie

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

We exited the plane without talking. We walked toward the terminal, and a security guard motioned to me to stay in line. I didn’t even know there was a line.

What is one thing we have learned during our time away from the office? We love curbside pickup for dinner with margaritas included. Grocery pickup is much easier than spending an hour wandering through the store.

Phase three of Kathy Burrows’ road ahead for the sports and entertainment industry suggests ideas to motivate some of our industry’s most important groups to interact with us through year-round virtual experiences and unique affiliations.