Res-Tek, Inc

110 Riverside Dr. SW
Cartersville, GA 30120
888.RESTEK1 (888.737.8351)

Res-Tek, Inc. was formed in 2002, and was the first US company to solely manufacture MMA (methyl-methacrylate) flooring. By producing the flooring compounds in-house, formulations could be controlled to provide the absolute best product in the marketplace. It also ensured raw materials could be sourced within the US, supporting jobs and our sense of American pride.

Over the years, Res-Tek has been the choice for many high-profile clients in countless industries. Because of Res-Tek’s dedication to quality and innovation, we’re always trying to better our products, exploring developments in chemistry and application techniques. Not only do we have a knowledgeable sales team and support staff, we also have an on-site chemist who works diligently to develop the best products for our applicators and end-users.

Our Res-Tek “family” consists of our prized and dedicated staff, network of skilled applicators and satisfied loyal end-user clients who depend on the integrity of our company and our floors every day.