San Antonio Missions Fans Can Order F&B from Their Smartphones Now

The MiLB team has implemented TEXT4SERVICE® to help bring fans back to the ballpark without worrying about increased exposure to COVID-19 when standing in concession lines.

The San Antonio Missions might not have the youngest stadium in San Antonio, TX, but it’s one of the most technology-savvy ones. Recently, the Missions rolled out cloud-based TEXT4SERVICE® as part of Food & Beverage Director Deanna Mierzwa’s vision to bring families together at the ballpark to enjoy watching the game without worrying about increased exposure to COVID-19 by standing in line at concession stands.

Developed by hospitality and parking veteran software provider TEZ, the text-based platform allows fans to order food and beverage from their seats and pay for orders using their own personally disinfected smartphones.

“We were looking into a technology-based F&B solution last December because we have a closed concourse. Fans standing in line at a concession stand can’t see the field,” said Mierzwa. “After the pandemic, we knew we had to make people more comfortable ordering F&B. We chose TEXT4SERVICE® for several reasons, but there were two main ones: It isn’t an app, which is great. A one-time visitor doesn’t want to download another app. And the platform offered advanced management on the backend.”

TEXT4SERVICE was implemented last season as a smaller test for next year. While minor league games were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, collegiate baseball leagues continued during the summer, which provided the community with welcomed outdoor family entertainment experiences once stadiums were allowed to open.

“We have busier nights during a normal season, but if there’s a line at the concession stand, people don’t purchase. Ordering from the seat means no lines, which directly impacts F&B sales,” said Mierzwa. “It’s so simple for our fans and management to use. Implementation took 30 minutes and managers did a one-hour training in ZOOM. It’s that easy. The data we get from reporting allows us to send targeted promotional messaging too, like info about season tickets and group plans as we plan for next season. Having this data in key reports offers some opportunities to do targeted promotions, and the platform itself allows for messaging to fans in the ordering process.”

TEXT4SERVICE® improves concessions ordering and delivery because fans text the order, pay and tip online, then either receive a text to pick up their orders at a designated area or a runner delivers the order to seats. Either way, nobody has to miss part of the game to wait in line at a concession stand.

“Not only does delivery to the seat minimize contact with staff, customers get a VIP experience not offered at other stadiums,” said Geremy Rodamer, Director of Underdog Concepts at TEZ. “Flying Chanclas fans won’t miss any of the game. They can hang out with friends and eat hot dogs and drink sodas or ice-cold beer and never leave the seat. That’s critical for parents taking kids to a game. They don’t want to leave kids unattended to wait in line at a concession stand where they can’t see them. And ordering traditional ballpark F&B is part of that authentic in-stadium experience fans seek.”

Fans can pull up the menu and place multiple orders throughout the game. Since credit card information is tokenized, ordering another time is even faster because they only have to enter the credit card information one time.

TEXT4SERVICE® allows operators to turn menu items on or off, allowing the F&B manager to manage operations remotely.

“We cut off alcohol at the bottom of the 7th inning, so I just make that menu item not available by switching it off in the system,” said Mierzwa. “And I can do it from my phone from anywhere. The ease of use for management is a big reason we chose TEZ technology.”

The newest addition to TEZ technology solutions is used independently or in tandem with SMS Valet or TEXT2PARK® for operators who want to provide contactless ordering and payment along with touchless valet service or paid parking options. TEXT4SERVICE® is used in casinos, resorts, restaurants, and stadiums to handle high-volume contactless ordering and payment in a way that’s not just user-friendly for fans, but simple for managers to use.

“The platform is proven to raise F&B sales,” said Rodamer. “Offering contactless F&B order and payment used to be a bonus, but after the pandemic, every stadium should have a contactless system if they want to build F&B revenue.”

Mierzwa is ready for next season already.

“Now we’re well equipped to keep up with demand next year. TEXT4SERVICE® allows us to enhance customer service and increase F&B sales starting with our first game.”

This venue solution was published in partnership with TEZ (TEXT4SERVICE®).

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