San Francisco 49ers and SAP transform suite into a real-time analytics platform

In partnership with SAP, the San Francisco 49ers have deployed a first-of-its-kind in North America, real-time analytics platform on gamedays to aggregate and monitor data related to all fan needs to make sure the bathrooms are clean, and the concession stands are optimally stocked.

The nerve center for all this information mining activity is one of Levi's Stadium’s suites, which has been dubbed the “Executive Huddle”. Data is pulled from eight sources, including scans at ticket gates and parking lots, beer sales, retail, customer survey terminals, and more.

Levi’s Stadium now has 175 survey terminals in strategic locations that return close to 300,000 fan opinions per game. The terminals have four simple buttons for four facial expressions ranging from happy to sad.

The Executive Huddle displays all this real-time data in dashboards covering the suite’s walls and ceiling, which allows gameday management to uncover and then address problems the moment they arise, and sometimes preemptively using predictive analytics.


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