The Skinny on Mobile Everything

In this Q&A of premium buyers, sellers, and mobile ticketing authority, learn if there should be exceptions to the new mobile-everything rule. Glean benefits and obstacles of taking the premium and venue experience completely mobile and how to make contactless a benefit for premium seating guests.

  • Moderator: Amanda Verhoff, President, ALSD
  • Kellen Begnoche, Director of Service and Activation, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Keri Johnson, Director, Premium Service & Operations, Minnesota Wild
  • Deanne Sheeley,  Executive Assistant to CEO, IWCO Direct 
  • Geoff Ulrich, Senior Vice President - Consumer Strategy, Speedway Motorsports
  • Erica Cottey, Senior Marketing Manager, Alsco 
Start Time
1:00 p.m.
End Time
1:50 p.m.