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  • STAPLES Easy Button: The Premier Tables and Lounges at STAPLES Center provide patrons with an ease of experience with their all-inclusive features.

SEAT Teaser: Below is an excerpt from an industry news story I’ve written for the latest addition of SEAT Magazine. It features one of my highlight takeaways from STAPLES Center. To read the full article, log-in and stick your nose in the current spring issue.

The San Manuel Club at STAPLES Center already had a good fan experience. In fact, it was too good in some cases. Previous to this season, premium ticket holders and ticket holders with a pass could eat dinner at one of the club’s view tables, those overlooking the court or ice, then settle in for the remainder of the event. And because the dining area was occupied in part by patrons granted complimentary access and experienced little to no changeover, this valuable space within the club was essentially a non-revenue generator for the premium seating department. 

To eliminate the lost revenue stemming from fans camping out and watching the entire game from such a coveted viewpoint, but maintaining (or improving) a coveted experience, AEG, owner/operator of STAPLES Center, reconfigured the area into two distinct, mid-priced seating options: the Premier Tables and Lounges at San Manuel Club.

“We are excited to introduce some new and unique seating options to STAPLES Center in an area that was previously not being monetized for premium revenue,” says Michele Kajiwara, Vice President of Premium Seating Sales for AEG/STAPLES Center. “The design and architecture stand out in our building, the telecasts, and the industry as a cutting-edge development that captures another niche of premium buyers. Soon, all 25 Premier Tables and Lounges will be sold out and close to $4 million will be recognized on long-term contracts.”

Features and Benefits

The two new products have a distinct L.A. flair congruent in concept, but not design, to the midlevel, loge-style inventory popular in many venues today. Seven Premier Tables, each accommodating four guests, offer a dinner table surrounded by comfortable chairs in a semi-private, premium environment. 

The Premier Tables are perched atop, but separate from, the 18 Premier Lounges which also have capacity for four guests each. The lounges incorporate sophisticated themes in their couches, tables, and bright accent colors, prominently visible to the rest of the seating bowl, creating a destination feel. Both the tables and lounges were designed by Gensler.

To finish reading this story, log-in and check out the 2014 Spring Issue of SEAT Magazine.

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