Suite Resurgence at Globe Life Field

Nourished by hospitable food and beverage credits and locations second to none in Major League Baseball, the Texas Rangers lead a suite comeback in their new $1.2 billion ballpark.


Where the Rangers' former home, Globe Life Park, featured only two suite products and no differentiation between those two, other than location (upper suite level and lower suite level), Globe Life Field offers far beyond one size to fit all. And while the Rangers have decreased absolute suite inventory ballpark to ballpark, in relative terms, they have built approximately two times the number of suites the industry currently says is feasible.

“We did a lot of research, and I will tell you we were more aggressive than what the consultants and other third parties and even colleagues said to do,” says Joe Januszewski, EVP and Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer for the Texas Rangers. “The DFW marketplace, even though we have air conditioning now for all 40,000 of our fans, has responded. This is still a place they want to entertain. And we even have some families who purchase suites for their own private entertainment, so we feel really fortunate to be in the position that we’re in.”

“You can get up well into the hundreds of thousands of food and beverage credits over the course of a term.”

– Paige Farragut, Texas Rangers

A major driver of suite sales has been the value delivered through food and beverage. The Rangers, in partnership with Delaware North, provide suite holders with generous nightly food and beverage credits, starting at $400 per game all the way up to $800 per game.

“We have a great partner with [Delaware North],” says Paige Farragut, SVP of Ticket Sales & Service for the Rangers. “Every suite, regardless of location, gets food and beverage credits, not only for year one, but through the entire term. You can get up well into the hundreds of thousands of food and beverage credits over the course of a term.”

“Let’s say you’re entertaining guests, let’s say you don’t even have the ability to host, but you want to send guests,” adds Januszewski. “You can send them not having to worry about them pulling out their wallet.”

Field Suites

The suites at Globe Life Field are the closest to the battery in Major League Baseball, starting with the Field Suites. Built partially subterranean, 14 Field Suites sit between the two dugouts, 40 feet from the catcher. Each unit is priced at $400,000 per season and includes seven to 11 tickets, two rows of seating, a $400 per-game food and beverage credit, and club access.

“When you pitch it over the phone or in a presentation, people can’t even imagine what they’re buying,” says Farragut. “Now that we’ve been able to take people over on hard hat tours, those are starting to move very quickly because you cannot have a seat in baseball that’s closer to that Field Suite.”

Founders Suites

Up 16 rows from the field (the entire lower bowl is only 16 rows) sits ten Founders Suites – the closest full-service suite product in Major League Baseball. These units are the most spacious of Globe Life Field’s suite options with the highest level of benefits and finishes. Founders Suites run $500,000 per season and include a $500 food and beverage credit for every single game.

Legacy Suites

Bookending the Founders Suites and extending to the foul poles are 22 Legacy Suites, with an additional eight units held back for nightly rentals. Also 16 rows from the field, the first row of seats in the suite is part of the seating bowl.

“You’re part of the action,” says Farragut. “You can be out front, high-five your friends, build memories. But then you can go back inside the suite and entertain guests, break bread, and relax. Or you can come in the back of the suite and truly hang out, sit in the lounge seats, and have some drinks. We’ve made [the suites] to fulfill three different purposes within each environment.”

Legacy Suites range between $225,000 and $350,000 per season with an $800 food and beverage credit every single game.

Classic Suites

On what is considered the traditional suite level in most ballparks are 43 sold-out Classic Suites and an additional six units held back for nightly rentals. Each 20-ticket Classic Suite comes with a $600 per-game food and beverage credit. Prices vary from $150,000 for a half-season up to $300,000.

One of the best benefits associated with Classic Suite ownership is a reserved parking space in close proximity to the Jim Ross Law Suite Level. By constructing Globe Life Field 52 feet into the ground on a site that changes elevation by 40 feet from one end to the other, guests entering the building on the east end do so on the suite level.

“[Suite holders] walk straight onto the suite level,” says Farragut. “You do not have to wait for elevators, escalators, or take the stairs. You truly can come in, enjoy the game, and get out as quickly as possible.”

Suite demand remains heightened in the roaring DFW Metroplex. And while that demand was partially fueled by the availability of air conditioning at Globe Life Park, it hasn’t fallen off in the retractable-roof Globe Life Field, where every ticket holder shares that refreshing amenity.

“We know we can sell suites in Texas,” says Farragut. “So we’re very confident in our numbers. With Arlington being in the middle of the Metroplex, similar distance from Dallas and Fort Worth and then up into the Plano area, one of the best benefits that we offer with our suites is you can use it year-round as a business center. The ROI on these suites is not just so you can get out and entertain at a baseball game.”

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