Summit Appliance

Stephen Ross, Vice President
770 Garrison Ave
Bronx, NY 10474

We manufacture the largest assortment of built in and free standing refrigeration perfect for the suite environment. Widths start at 6 inches and are available through 36 inches wide. We are introducing our open bottle wine cooler.  We manufacture refrigerators, beverage coolers, wine coolers, beer dispensers, cold brew coffee dispensers, wine dispensers, freezers and ice makers.  We offer units with drawers, doors in many different styles to fit in your suite.  If you are moving the party out doors we offer a complete line of outdoor refrigeration.  Many units are available in ADA heights, and if you have the need for a larger unit consider our full size line for the larger suites. If your suite needs to keep food warm, consider out induction cooktop.  Please contact Stephen Ross to discuss our options for the perfect experience.


ALSD Vendor/Supplier Member Company
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment