Tailgate the Johnsonville Way

The 13,242-square-foot permanent structure with an outdoor party deck is open on gameday to all Packers fans, with or without a ticket.

The Green Bay Packers market scope presents an interesting opportunity to engage fans near and far. Moreover, with a stadium that summons visitors year-round, the team is uniquely positioned to regularly engage with fans.

Seizing the opportunity, the Packers rolled out the new Johnsonville Tailgate Village and are evolving an entertainment district, dubbed Titletown, to keep Green Bay thriving. Coupled with massive stadium upgrades, the storied Lambeau Field experience is now unlike any other in the industry.

Until this year, the tented Tundra Tailgate Zone existed just outside of Lambeau Field. The popular turnkey tailgating destination set the table for many Packers fans for years. Before the kickoff of the 2017 season, the Packers improved the experience by building in its place a permanent structure, one with a look and feel consistent to Lambeau Field’s recent upgrades.

“Managing the staff and site typically requires a 16-17-hour gameday.”

– Sally Henne, Delaware North Sportservice

The Johnsonville Tailgate Village (JTV) is open four hours before kickoff and one hour postgame for fans – with or without tickets – who want the benefits of a tailgate, but not the stress or the mess.

For premium seat holders, there is a premium parking lot right outside JTV. There is a no-carry-in policy, so some fans tailgate at their own parking spots, then stop in to check out the Johnsonville Tailgate Village.

“Premium patrons are allowed to tailgate in the parking lot, but they have the choice to enter the JTV, as do all of our fans,” says Justin Wolf, Corporate Sales Manager at the Green Bay Packers. “We see the experiences complementing each other and giving fans even more options for their Lambeau Field gameday experience.”

The new Johnsonville Tailgate Village outside Lambeau Field is open four hours before kickoff through one hour postgame for fans with or without tickets.


JTV’s name was conceived from a 20-year partnership with Johnsonville, who jumped at the opportunity to enhance the tailgating experience. The deal puts Johnsonville in line with the Packers’ other gate partners from an investment perspective and allows Johnsonville to use the space for charitable efforts.

But what truly sweetened the deal was the chance to feature their own foods. And while Delaware North Sportservice (DNC), the team’s F&B partner, works to create a diverse menu, staples like the Johnsonville Bratwurst are perpetual bestsellers.

On gameday, 75 staff members from DNC and the Packers service guests from portables and permanent concession stands. The Packers own, set up, and clean the facility, while DNC staffs, cleans, and operates the bars, concessions, and kitchen.

“Managing the staff and site typically requires a 16-17-hour gameday,” says Sally Henne, JTV Supervisor for DNC, who typically arrives 10 to 12 hours before kickoff.

On the plaza outside JTV, the team controls sponsor tents, activated for the full season or select games depending on promotions intended to enhance the gameday experience. Also on the plaza, JTV has an accompanying portable bar, hosted by six bartenders pouring spirits from Crown Royal and Wisconsin’s own Door County Distillery, both having sponsorship deals with the Packers.

On non-gamedays, JTV hosts special events, seating up to 500 for formal events like weddings and 2,000 for standing events such as tradeshows, both of which have been held in addition to other small and medium-sized events.


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