Technology to Drive More Personalized Experiences and Revenue Growth

Through their partnership with Conquer, the Sacramento Kings have transitioned their CRM into an automated sales engagement platform that transforms data into actionable information for reps to engage buyers through personalized messages at scale.


Fan engagement with a sport, event, or team begins long before the starting bell or whistle. As occurring in other industries, professional sports organizations also focus on digital transformations to improve the integration between various touch points and physical/digital communication channels, making the sales process more streamlined and friction-free for fans, while introducing teams to more scalable technologies and platforms that create new revenue opportunities in the fan 4.0 omnichannel experience.

In the NBA, the Sacramento Kings team up with Conquer (formerly Dialsource) to help redefine its fan base from a mass audience to individual buyers by delivering one-to-one engagements at scale throughout the entire fan journey, from marketing to sales through to the in-game experience. With the assist from Conquer, the Kings have observed a 60% increase in engagement with sales leads and a 110% YoY increase in revenue.

This video content was published in partnership with Conquer.