Turning the Page on Premium Guest Service

In our final Solutions for a Shutdown virtual panel, the ALSD teamed up with Becky Coffey, Candy Fuzesy, and Kristin Miller to share examples of service initiatives their organizations are delivering to premium customers while the games are paused.


In the world of premium hospitality, everything is customized for our most valued guests. The touchpoints we have with those guests now while we’re all working from home require a personal touch as well.

Whether it’s the Milwaukee Brewers’ “From the Homefront” series, the Minnesota Vikings’ Norseman Gold events, or the Columbus Blue Jackets’ “Hockey from Home” initiative, teams are finding success remaining connected with clients on a human level in different, but still tasteful ways. In many cases right now, premium service professionals are actually strengthening relationships with clients who were less apt to share personal details prior to the current pandemic.

In this panel discussion, we explore the virtual tailgates and other experiences replacing in-person versions, the intentional communications cutting through the mass of corporate COVID-19 messages, the content being created exclusively for partners, the complimentary gift boxes sent to vulnerable accounts, and the opportunities to lead and serve staff as well.

Introductions/Housekeeping Notes: 0:15
From the Homefront Series: 8:09
Personal Communications: 11:46
Norseman Gold Virtual Events: 14:18
Simple, Vulnerable Messages: 17:18
Hockey from Home Initiative: 18:52
Virtual Tailgating: 22:26
Complimentary WFH, Wellness Gift Boxes: 25:27
Supporting Corporate Partners: 27:37
Taking a Mental Health Break: 32:30
Move the Needle, Don’t Check a Box: 36:58
Leading and Managing Staff Amidst Social Distancing: 38:51
Fans Asking for Refunds or Credits: 43:11
Door-to-Door Premium Experiences: 44:19
Future Considerations for Premium Service Providers: 45:33
Dogs and TikTok: 52:13


Discussion Moderated By: Amanda Verhoff, President, ALSD


Becky Coffey, VP of Partner Activation and Premium Experience, Columbus Blue Jackets
Candy Fuzesy, Director of Premium Seating Services and Operations, Minnesota Vikings
Kristin Miller, Director of Suite Services, Milwaukee Brewers