Understand How Data and Analytics Support the Customer Experience

Customer service must be thought of holistically, meaning all areas in which the customer interacts with the company. The days of customer service being just a call center to help resolve issues and answer questions are over.


Customer service providers must be ready to innovate their service mindset to give their businesses a competitive edge. Incorporating all customer interactions is what I call the SmartService Model. By deploying this model, a company better navigates its culture, processes, and employee training in this ever-changing business world, where the total experience is what connects the brand to its customers.

So how does the SmartService Model help? Well, it contains a formula. You must have a customer-focused vision, values, and service standards. You have to understand how the customer engages with the business. And you have to utilize technology, customer data, and analytics to personalize communication in any interaction with the customer.

The SmartService Model helps any business adapt to the needs of its customers as well as guides business decisions and strategies to better plan for the future and deliver upon exceptional customer experience, ultimately, winning at service.

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