Unwrapping Opportunities: Gifting, Engagement, and Experiences in 2021 and Beyond

Lately, creativity is the name of the game if we want to stay close to our customers. What's emerging as best in class opportunities to make our clients feel valued? Are live experiences, suite holder trips back? Are exclusive gifts more fitting for now? What do our clients appreciate most, and what's within budget? Let's explore these questions and more in a roundtable setting led by teams, gifting specialists, and a psychological specialist for an interactive roundtable.  

General Session

  • Kristin Miller, Director of Sports + Enterprise Development, BirdieBox (Moderator)
  • Jason Sada, CEO, Sports Academy Venture Lab
  • Jen Babcock, Premium Experience Manager, Detroit Lions
Starvine 1-2, West Convention Center, Level 3
Start Time
9:55 a.m.
End Time
10:45 a.m.