VIDEO: Golden State Warriors building most high-tech venue in the world

When the Golden State Warriors open their new arena in San Francisco in 2018, they are aiming to open a venue with the most high-tech bells and whistles in the world. To see what fans like and don’t like, the Warriors are rolling out technologies now in their current home, Oracle Arena.

One solution that’s been successful is Apple’s iBeacon technology. The Warriors were the first NBA team to install beacons, which use low-energy Bluetooth to push notifications to smartphones within proximity of a beacon. At Oracle Arena, four types of messages are sent through beacons: a welcome message, concessions promotions, merchandise promotions, and seat upgrade opportunities. Currently, 20-25 beacons are installed throughout the arena, and approximately 10-percent of those fans attending games are set up to receive messages.

Augmented and virtual realities are two other innovations currently of interest to the Warriors. Augmented reality works with Google Glass or smartphones by revealing content when the device is pointed toward some element in the real world.

Virtual reality is an opportunity to give fans the feelings of being in the game by streaming footage through headsets.

LiFi technology is also being considered. LiFi uses light to transmit data. At the Warriors new arena, the team is considering lampposts that distribute content to fans as they walk by.

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