What to Do When the Games Stop

In our maiden voyage of virtual panels, the ALSD tapped Chris Bausano, Ben Brown, and Justin Petkus to share their insights into sales, service, and leadership during the early days of closures and uncertainties created by COVID-19.


We’re all out there searching for answers right now. Problem is, there aren’t always answers available to find given the unprecedented nature of COVID-19 and its grip on the sports and entertainment world, and the wider world at large.

But we’re far more likely to find answers if we explore problems together. So the ALSD has added a new content arrow to our quiver – virtual panel discussions. We call it “Solutions for a Shutdown”, a weekly video series of tips, tactics, and best practices to successfully navigate the present climate.

In this first episode, we offer actionable ideas for how to best manage and service staff, clients, and prospects in the current health and economic crisis. Let’s not waste this time, but use it as a moment to reflect, evaluate, improve, and unite.

Here’s how three teams from various leagues, geographies, and market sizes are being intentional about growth and moving their businesses forward, while engaging constituents with empathy.

Introductions/Housekeeping Notes: 0:16
The Current Mentality of Reps in a WFH World: 7:16
How to Best Communicate and Collaborate with Staff: 9:58
MTV Cribs Adaptations/Virtual Happy Hours: 12:53
How to Keep Staff Hungry and Motivated – Hawks University: 14:33
Revisit Projects Previously Put on the Back Burner: 19:28
What Do You Want Your Coronavirus Story to Be? 22:24
Creative Communications and Wellness Touches with Premium Clients: 25:10
Prospective Businesses/Industries Less Impacted by COVID-19: 27:48
To Refund or Not to Refund: 34:24
The Kings’ Relief Efforts with a Grocery Store Chain Partner: 42:37
How Are You Measuring Success? 45:08


Discussion Moderated By: Jared Frank, Publisher, ALSD

Chris Bausano, Director of Premium Sales & Service, Cincinnati Reds
Ben Brown, Director of Suite Sales, Atlanta Hawks/State Farm Arena
Justin Petkus, Vice President of Ticket Sales & Services, Sacramento Kings