What to Sell When You Don't Know What to Sell

Revisit this online town hall event, where sports sales training experts Bill Guertin and Brett Zalaski engage each other and an audience of sports sales professionals with questions around how to appropriately sell during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In this special industry event, we learn helping is the new selling, especially in present circumstances. Help first. Sell second. Now is the time for sales managers and their reps to be thoughtful about how they’re engaging fans and driving revenue, doing it with empathy and a servant heart.

The COVID-19 outbreak, unprecedented in sports business and all business for that matter, is an opportunity for sports organizations to strengthen relationships with prospects and clients, not an excuse to shut down sales communications. Reps must embrace this adverse situation as a chance to get to know customers on a far more personal level outside of just where they sit and how much they spend, establishing themselves as a trusted resource and a helping hand.

Just because sales are not regularly closing right now doesn’t mean reps cannot continue to move business forward. Prospecting and communications can still increase. Creativity and education must increase. So consider doing a webinar of your own, host your own video meetup, read a book, do everything you can to bolster your pipeline now, and you’ll experience an immediate lift once our venues open again.

Event Facilitators: Bill Guertin, Chief Learning Officer, ISBI 360 and Brett Zalaski, Founder, Empowerment of a Salesperson.

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