Wimbledon to deploy IBM’s Watson



When the Wimbledon tennis tournament begins on Monday, guests attending the event will be guided through the All England Lawn Tennis Club by IBM’s Watson AI cognitive system, which will analyze 53.7 million Wimbledon data points since 1990 and more than 11 million words of tournament press coverage since 1995.

Watson will power a voice-activated digital assistant called “Fred”, who will help fans with directions to all areas of the tennis grounds, including courts, concessions, retail outlets, restrooms, children’s play areas, etc.

Additional IBM technology will help fans decide what matches to attend by analyzing player statistics to inform fans which matches are likely to be the most competitive. Predictive analytics will also be available to fans during a match to give fans insights into the likeliest outcome of any given moment.

IBM will also be using artificial intelligence to automatically compile highlight reels for matches taking place on six Wimbledon courts. To determine which points to use in each highlight reel, the system will account for everything from crowd noise, social media reaction, and facial analysis of the players.

Using augmented reality, fans will also be able to point their phones at players on practice courts to learn about them, their past performances, and key facts.


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