Branded Spirits Incentive/Promotion


We are looking for a new way to expose premium clients to one of our spirits portfolios beyond just a branded bar location in order to expand sales, e.g., branded liquor carts on suite levels, special bottle offers available only in suites, etc.

Does anyone have an example(s) of a spirits promotion/incentive that you have successfully incorporated into premium areas?



  • We have a wonderful partnership with Ben Arnold Beverage and have been working with them over the past year. Part of the reason is our VIP Club is sponsored by a local liquor store, and he was looking for more in his sponsorship. We brought in Ben Arnold Beverage and have done several product tastings in the club for our clients. We generally also offer specialty drinks with the liquor in it on special in the club that evening. Our clients feel like we’re giving them something fantastic for free, but we’re also building a more solid partnership with our sponsorship client as well.
  • Because we don’t have a “suite levelâ€ dedicated to those clients, we were thinking about bringing the tasting to each individual suite as well. It’s been a great partnership for us and hopefully for them as well.


  • A recent promotion we did: Join us in the 573 Club prior to Friday’s game for a special tasting of Minnesota’s own 2 Gingers Irish whiskey!