End-To-End Ticketing, POS, Ordering Systems


I'm looking for a different way to communicate with my suite holders that is outside of the numerous, sometimes repetitive, emails I send every week. I am interested to see if there is a holistic program similar to Disney's "Cast Member Hub" for the premium seating industry. Does your team have a "hub" or "suites home page" where the suite admin can log in to get new messages, request SRO's, reserve their suite for concerts, request guest passes, and so forth?


Our suites POS is a Micros (Oracle) system, and we utilize Guest Reserve (GR) for our online pre-ordering. GR is a Delaware North product, and it syncs to Micros Suites Management 9700.


We implemented the Bypass POS for my suites. It is a handheld tablet that has the attachment to swipe a credit card. It works really well, and Bypass is a great company to work with! For my pre-orders, we use Catertrax. It is our online system for all things catering. So I had my full guide as well as suite guides for both stadiums and arenas. 

The only thing for these two is they don't talk to each other, so the pre-orders have to be entered into the tablets for billing and for any event orders to be added to. At another of our units, we only used Catertrax and utilized the wallet for credit cards and payment. So on game/event day, we had order forms created for the staff to use, and then those items had to be entered into the Catertrax system for billing. We did it that way because we didn't have anyone manning a phone at a desk to enter as the orders came in.