The Visiting Owner's Suite


Are you currently providing any specialty items in the visiting owner's suite? Is there a standard set for the visiting owner's suite?


For our games, visiting owners are provided the same menu as all other suite partners. There are no specialty items offered specifically to the owner.


The only thing that we do specifically to the visiting owner's suite is we hang a picture (usually an action shot) from one of their games in their suite, so they feel a little more at home. We print this picture in-house and change it out each game. We also provide extra Game Day magazines, roster cards, and one of our Guest Relations staff members is stationed outside the suite (this is pretty standard). We do promotional items in every suite on a game day, but I usually skip the visiting owner's suite since it is team-centric (e.g. pom poms, rally towels).

For F&B, we do our Special Teams Package which is based on whichever city we are playing (e.g. New England-Clam Chowder, Kansas City-BBQ). If they would like to upgrade their package or have special requests, we are happy to help, and 99% of the time, we can accommodate.


In our stadium, the visiting owners generally choose their own menus. We send them the menu ahead of time along with suite tickets, and they order what they want for both food as well as beverages. We do have a well-stocked bar in there, but if there is something specific that they want, we certainly have that available for them. There is a full-time suite attendant as well as a suite host who are focused on that suite on game day, and who assist with any needs the owners may have.

Outside of catering, our partner brings in specialty, visiting-team merchandise and accoutrements to decorate the suite to help make the visiting owner feel welcome. We also have wall art that we change out for each game based on what team is visiting.


We comp the food and beverage in the visiting owner's suite, as I believe is the norm for all NFL teams. In addition to that, we place a "gift basket" of themed items in the suite with a handwritten note from our president.

We also have a standing order with a local florist who delivers a fresh floral arrangement, football-themed and in the visiting team's colors. We also place a welcome sign outside the door.