Minimum Age Requirement, Courtside Seats


We don't currently have a minimum age for our courtside seats for men's basketball. We would like college and professional team input on: 

  • Do you have a minimum age for courtside seats?
  • How did you arrive at this age?
  • What are the policy details?
  • Any other rules and regulations on courtside seating would be helpful also.


We currently do not have a minimum age, although we do mention some NCAA guidelines in our letter.  Attached is part of what we send out before each year.  Usually, once a year, someone gives their tickets to a family member or customer who comes to the game wearing the visiting team's color.  I politely introduce myself to them and tell them apparently, the person who gave them the courtside seats forgot to mention the policy about wearing the colors of the visiting team and offer a friendly reminder that cheering for the visiting team at courtside is prohibited.  I've never had an issue after that.  And I do kindly let the original owner of the tickets what happened.  Good luck.
Also, we currently have a table for our courtside ticket holders.  We are considering the removal of the table, which will obviously remove any barrier between the fan and the game.  We may, at that time, decide on a minimum age for safety reasons.

Not sure how we arrived at the age, we just thought 5 years old was alert enough to handle that atmosphere.
Here are our Guidelines for Courtside Seating Area:

  • You must be 5 years of age or older to be sitting in the courtside seats.
  • One person per chair; no children on laps.
  • Bottles with caps only; no fountain beverages permitted.
  • Tickets need to be worn around your neck and in sight at all times. You will need to show your ticket for admittance. If you do not have a lanyard please ask for one.