Newsletter or e-Newsletter to Suite Clients


Do you currently send out newsletters or e-newsletters to current suite licensed and/or theater box licensed clients?  If so:
How often do you send to the client base? 
What information do you typically include?


We send a "Premium Update" to our Club Seat and Suite clients every two weeks.  We send a unique version to Club Seats/Suites if they need different content.  It seems to be a good way to remind them of upcoming events, distribute special offers, or get their attention for other important information.  From evaluating the clickthroughs, I've found that most of the interest seems to be in new show announcements (no surprise there!) and on photo galleries of recent shows. 

We used to do a quarterly newsletter, however, we are taking a break from it for a few reasons;

  1. We never seemed to get a response from it one way or another from Suiteholders. I think, with so much access to information, this became a source of reiterated information and nothing new.
  2. We created a Suiteholder Website where we update information regarding events, team info, important dates, etc. This allows Suiteholders to access information on an as-needed basis.
  3. 'm extremely sensitive to overwhelming Suiteholders with information. The last thing I want to do is send them too many emails and they begin to tune it all out, missing the important things. Between information they need for games and events/benefit announcements, I don't see the upside to continuing to send them a newsletter.

I realize and appreciate every team and every sport is different, however, this is what we've found over the last 3 seasons.

Yes, we usually send out a type of newsletter to our Premium suite holders including Luxury suite holders before each home stand. It is a type of "Homestand Happenings".. We like to address upcoming events in each of our premium areas (so they are customized per each area – Luxury suites, Legends, Champions, Delta, and Jim Beam.  
Usually we include the following:
      - Stats about past games with the rival
      - What events are happening in their suite specifically that home stand (IE: family day event, or wine tasting)
      - If there is a celebrity chef coming, who it is and a bio
      - the weather
      - Options for menus if available
      - their service reps information (and we have it come from the rep also).

We don't have a newsletter specifically for suite holders or club/premium area buyers but we do send out a monthly newspaper to all donors and members of our Razorback Foundation which would include all suite holders.  It's called "Inside Razorback Athletics."  It's set up in a magazine format and always begins with an opening letter from our A.D. on the inside front cover which is followed by stories relating to our student athletes, donors, photos and stories from our Razorback Clubs around the nation, a feature story of some kind and, of course, lots of advertisements.