Foggy Suite Windows


We continue to have an issue on rainy days with our suite windows fogging on the outside. Our venue is in Florida, and we're known for our heat, so we have to keep the suites cool inside, thus causing all the fog. If your venue has the same issue, what suggestions do you have and what can help alleviate this issue?  


Our "solution" is to do the following:

  • Since our skyboxes overlook the club level, we shut the suite doors immediately.
  • We then increase the temperature in the club by a couple of degrees.
  • We see what the dew point is that day and try to keep the temperature in the skyboxes a couple of degrees warmer than the dew point.


We have always tried to keep the suite windows closed until the suite holders arrive, but we did have the same problem with fog and condensation dripping into the suite and below. However, we recently put in new windows and it has helped a ton.