Suite Pricing Based On Yard-Line Location

Please let me know if your suites are priced differently based on their yard-line location. Also, please include what the pricing structure is.

Our suites are priced based on their size, not on their yard-line location:

  • 14 seats: $235,000
  • 16 seats: $325,000 (suites are for football, basketball, and wrestling)
  • 18 seats: $300,000
  • 20 seats: $325,000
  • 26/28 seats: $1 Million

All are paid over five years. We also offer discounts for up-front payments: $35K for 14-seat suites, $50K for 16/18/20-seat suites, and $100K for 26/28-seat suites.

We do base pricing on location as far as how much of the track and what suite holders can see. Suites that are on the backstretch that cannot see the pits and have limited sight of the HD screen are cheaper than those on the front side of the track or in turn 4 that can see everything.
In my previous jobs, we also did pricing based on location. In football, we used the yard lines, and in hockey, we did it based on the end that the home team shot at twice per game, basically using the blue line in. Football was definitely the most challenging, because everyone wanted the 50 or as close to it as possible. End zone suites are great when your team is about to score, but struggle when they are at the other end of the stadium.
We do vary our price by yard line. Prices and info:

  • Touchdown Suites (outside the goal lines)
    • 3 years: $59,666
    • 5 years: $56,825
    • 7 years: $55,085
    • 10 years: $52,767
  • All-American Suites (between goal lines and 30-yard lines)
    • 3 years: $65,754
    • 5 years: $62,623
    • 7 years: $60,884
    • 10 years: $58,565
  • Founders' Suites (between the 30-yard lines)
    • 10 years: $68,422

The majority of our football suites are 16 or 18 seats and range in price from $62,000-$75,000 per year. Each suite also has the option to purchase an additional ten SRO/Guest suite tickets (after the regular 16 or 18 are purchased), putting the max number of tickets at 26 or 28. Our stadium is a horseshoe, and most end zone suites are $62,000. On the east/west sides, suites between the 20s are currently $75,000, and others are approximately $68,000. We have a few outliers in both size and pricing. 

We decided to keep the suites at a flat price and then allocate locations based on priority points. This strategy allowed our most loyal donors and supporters to have access to the best locations. In theory, they paid more for those locations over their years of donations and support.
Donation: $60,000 per year
Tickets: $8,982 for 2013 (season ticket price for 18 seats)
In our arena, the suites do vary in price in relation to their position in the building. For example, our suites that are in our double attack end are more expensive than the ones in the single attack. See below pricing structure:

  • 12-Seat Club Suite: $150,000 
  • 16-Seat Club Suite: $175,000
  • 12-Seat Side Suite: $140,000
  • 18-Seat Side Suite: $195,000
  • 24-Seat Center Ice Suite: $250,000
  • 12-Seat End Zone (Single Attack): $115,000
  • 12-Seat End Zone (Double Attack): $130,000

Yes, the prices of our private suites are based solely on yard line. Our 30 private suites are all located on the west side of our stadium. They range from $20,900 to $33,000 based on 11 games. Each private suite is exactly the same size (square footage) and offers the same amount of tickets (12).