In-Game Charity Sponsorships

I'm looking for suggestions for in-game basketball sponsorship opportunities, where our partner would donate $X to XYZ charity each time Y occurs. For instance, for every slam dunk, "Dunkin Donuts donates $50 to SLAM Breast Cancer!"

One of the most successful charity tie-ins that I can remember involved everyone on the team picking a charity of their choice. It was during a designated period of time, and x-amount was donated for each goal scored by the player and y-amount for each assist. Defensemen were weighted differently because they do not get as many of points, so they got more of a donation per goal and per assist. Goalies were involved based on the amount of goals they gave up, with bonus money for a shutout. Each player was guaranteed a minimum amount, so if they did not get a lot of points or play a lot in the designated period of time, their charity still received a donation.