Recent Premium Level Renovations

Member Question:

  • Has your property undergone a recent (within 5 years) premium level renovation? If so, please list the spaces.
  • Which architect/design firm did you use?
  • Looking back, are there one or two things you wish you would have done differently?

Member Answer:

Design Firm: Corley, Redfoot and Zack

Expansion: Blue Zone end zone addition that include two club levels (2000 guests and 750 guests) and 20 suites as well as an academic center for student-athletes and an Olympic sport weight training center.
Wish we'd done differently:

  • Ice wells/under-counter ice makers were left off of the suite design
  • More ice making capacity in the kitchens and prep areas
  • Exterior loge seating with one TV for every two seats provided challenges. The TVs themselves were waterproof, but the remotes installed in the counters were not. The installation of new (and waterproof) remotes as well as seat covers has helped the problem.
  • More storage
  • A designated First Aid area was left off of the design, forcing us to convert a much-needed storage space to a First Aid area.

Member Answer:

2009 Renovated Space:  85 east skyboxes

2010 Expansion:  36 skyboxes, 3 club levels

Architect:  Davis Architects (Birmingham, AL)

Wish we'd done differently:
For 22+person skyboxes, I wish we would have done full-size refrigerators (and not undercounter units)

  • More elevators.  More elevators.  More elevators. 
  • Bigger TVs. I don't think anyone has ever said, "That TV is too big." 
  • My personal recommendation for future suites:  don't do a couch and club/lounge chairs.  Do nice, cushioned bar stools with backs around a tall bar-height table. 

Member Answer:

We're currently going through renovation. Adding and renovating suites. Adding Club. Adding loge boxes.


Things to watch:

  • Make sure kitchen designs and locations have input by your caterer. 
  • That there is a flow so their workers can get where they need to be.
  • A path so premium staff can flow from one area to the next easily 
  • Flow of patrons in and out
  • Parking and traffic... 
  • Have premium staff who manage suites be in meetings.