Loge Box Seating: Offerings, Amenities, and Challenges


  1. What are your recommendations on types of furniture that work well or suggested vendors for loge furnishings?
  2.  Do you offer in-seat service? If so, do you use an electronic POS system or manual ordering?
  3. Does your loge seating include access to other premium areas in the venue for food and beverage options? If so, which areas?
  4. What additional amenities were added to enhance the seating area?
  5. Were any challenges presented with the addition of loge seating to your venue?


Our loge seating was added one and a half years ago as a part of a large stadium renovation. The loge is an all-inclusive club, so seat owners have food and beverage, beer, wine, and liquor included. They also get their seats for the full menu of events that come to our arena -- hockey, concerts, and any other shows that the loge is not obstructed.

The seating is tiered in five levels, and each row has three loges within them. The row has 12 seats across, but the seats are sold in blocks of four. The frosted glass in front of each group of four is branded with their company logo and loge number.

The top area is the lounge where the F&B is served. There is first-come, first-served lounge seating (I recommend high-top tables, either with barstools or no chairs, for socializing). The main bar is in the middle, and refrigerators at each side by the entrances hold bottled water, soda, and beer that guests can help themselves to.

Loge owners do not have access to other premium clubs in the building, and do not ask for it. We restrict access to the loge because of the all-inclusive nature, but provide guest passes as needed.

Every two seats has an in-seat tablet with an HD monitor providing live TV, including the in-house feed to watch the game as well as the menu, roster, stats, and arena schedule of upcoming events. 

The challenge was that we could have built more! They were in such high demand that they sold out with us just approaching current and new clients, and not with a "public" on sale.


  1. We just added a north end zone club area that is similar to a loge area. It has a club gathering area in the back with seats outdoor in the front -- seating with tables. One of the few complaints I get from the area is that pregame when everyone is inside at the buffet, there are not enough places to sit down and eat with tables. We have couches that line the back wall, but people still don't want to hold their plates.
  2. It is done the good ole fashion way with pen and paper. It is only for beverages, mainly of the alcoholic variety. They don't go get food.
  3. Food and beverage is included in the ticket price, while beer and wine is available for a cash purchase. We do not allow anyone to leave the club area to other areas of the stadium. I have been told it is due to alcohol permits and being able to have a secure area.
  4. In the higher-end mini boxes, we put TV screens in front of the seats. They have a basic sports package as well as the in-house feed. They are hugely popular. Most people do not watch the in-house feed but instead will have another game on.
  5. The biggest challenge was the "sight unseen" purchase process. We had displays and renderings, but the construction went very close to the start of the season, and we couldn't do tours. We struggled in our first season, but the last two have been sold-out in that area.


  1. Our recommendation for furniture would be padded caster chairs for seating.
  2. We currently use manual ordering but plan to shift to a mobile, electronic ordering system in the future.
  3. Having loge box seating also allows access to the Traditions Club. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are provided in the loge box seats, but additional food and beverage is available for purchase in the Traditions Club.
  4. The seats feature granite countertops and television displays. In addition, guests are able to drink alcohol in their seats. Currently, the only other seats in the arena with a view of the game and the ability to consume alcohol are in the suites.
  5. Selling the remaining inventory has remained a challenge. The seats are mid-level baseline seats. We do anticipate selling more seats with program success.


  1. For the chairs, I recommend having a height-adjustable chair. We just upgraded to that kind of chair, and it has really helped with sightlines for varying heights of guests.
  2. They have a designated server, one to every five-to-six boxes.
  3. Our ledge boxes are located in front of our main restaurant on the Terrace Level. They are all-inclusive food and beverage. For basketball games, beer and wine is included. For rodeo events, people get a crazy, so it is just soft drinks.
  4. We are in the process of adding liquor cabinets, so they can restock with Levy Restaurants. The cabinets will be split in half and have a liquor cabinet and the ability to store purses, coats, etc.
  5. The one challenge we have is they are behind the stage for concerts, so they become unsellable.