Stage Front

Contact: Mike Guiffre, Head of Partnerships and Marketing
10280 Old Columbia Road, Ste 220A
Columbia, MD 21046  
P: 800-250-2525 

Founded in 1984, Stage Front has grown into a prominent leadership role in the ticketing industry. Our core focus continues to be advanced technology, with recent growth into analytics, long-term strategy, and digital marketing. Our proprietary tools start with ticket distribution and pricing that integrate into all major marketplaces. Clients also enjoy robust reporting and data features with our real-time cloud-based listing and sales portal. Stage Front’s Maryland and Las Vegas service centers are open 18 hours daily, handle all order fulfillment and marketplace communication. Included in our services is access to our data analytics and pricing team, which will carve out a full menu of strategies, including initial price points, marketing initiatives, timing, digital media efforts, and ongoing price adjustments. We have experienced meteoric growth in the past five years and have continued that momentum with technology upgrades and strategic hires.