Spotlight Category Descriptions

Suites are an important mainstay in the premium world. What sets yours apart? How do the FF&E, service experience, design, view, and other X factors spindle together to create a luxurious and unique area?

Premium clubs within a venue meant for larger groups with an appetite for a posh entertainment experience. These spaces often include bars, restaurants, communal seating, meeting space, and frequently a special view of the play or performance area in a venue. How are you innovating?

Overall Architecture
It’s more than just curb appeal. Every building tells a story. What’s yours? This category looks at architectural considerations like the intersection of form and function, materials used, and tasteful branding integration.

Premium Gift
A mainstay in client entertainment is the premium gift. Whether you gift your clients high-end items once a year or provide a tchotchke on each game day, we want to know what gift your clients have loved most or which were considered the most thoughtful or original.

Premium Experience or Event
Special events and trips add spice and variety to what you’re already offering premium clients. Are you taking them anywhere different, unique, or off the beaten path, or are you activating your venue in fun and unexpected ways for them? Illustrate your best premium client experience.

Sponsorship Activation
Activating sponsors has to be creative and engaging, but the end result must also weave into the aesthetic of a venue. This category looks at activations that do all that and more, providing ROI for the sponsor and the team or venue.

F&B Menu Item
This category highlights the best food and beverage offerings at a venue. What makes your food or beverage item special? Perhaps it’s a local specialty, a rare and exotic dish, or a classic favorite served in a creative style. Give us a feast for the eyes.

Alternative Premium Seating Space
Premium comes in all sizes, and new premium products are hitting the market constantly. Did you design a new ledge box concept, have success creating a social viewing club, or introduce a never-before-seen uber-premium space? Show us.

Video Boards and Ribbon Boards
Large-scale displays are being implemented now more than ever to display game-time information and mixed-media content, as well as taking on new shapes and placements in today's venues.  Show us your most impressive displays, and tell us why they're a cut above.

AV Enhancement or Experience
AV isn't exclusive to video boards. It's constantly being integrated into every corner of a venue.  Show us how you're using audio-visual assets to enhance the fan journey and immersive experience in any area, from premium to GA.

Premium Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment
Good is in the details. Are your countertops imported from overseas artisans? Was your furniture made by local craftspeople? Show us how your aesthetic details help tell a story and elevate the premium experience in your venue.