ALSD Spotlight

ALSD Spotlight Description, Rules, and Terms

ALSD Spotlight – Awards Showcase for the Premium Seating and Venue Marketplace

ALSD Spotlight continues to highlight great accomplishments in the venue industry, with some favorite categories returning for 2021 as well as new and evolved categories to keep up with the ever-growing landscape. Get ready to show off your venue accomplishments with commemorative awards and through various ALSD media outlets.

ALSD Spotlight Illuminates Industry Brilliance

ALSD Spotlight shone bright in 2017. The association’s inaugural design contest focused our collective beam on the best in pioneering design and experiences in the venue marketplace, providing our community with an opportunity to catch up with the frenetic pace of construction happening across all geographies, leagues, and sports. It’s an opportunity for our membership to showcase the very best its venues offer, and to learn from the successes of others, which is what the ALSD does best.