Sales Training

Touch-and-Go Marketing

Now more than ever, marketers must map all customer touchpoints and position their brands in a way that makes them the obvious choice for customers. If marketers overlook these critical steps, outcomes for their businesses are extremely uncertain.

Phase One of the Road Ahead: Creating Consumer-Based Virtual Packages

What is one thing we have learned during our time away from the office? We love curbside pickup for dinner with margaritas included. Grocery pickup is much easier than spending an hour wandering through the store. New ways to enjoy interests have emerged. We have started creating and enjoying a new normal.

As things begin to reopen, we find while the new normal is enjoyable, we really want both lives. So why not?

You Can Knock the Hustle

Making 60 phone calls a day might not be the way for all reps to make their sales goals. Sports teams should follow the lead of other corporations, and their B2B processes, to get the most out of each and every individual member of the sales staff.

While attending quite a few sports conferences this past year, I have been blown away at the advances being made in understanding the analytics that measure fan behavior. The ability to track, connect with, and monetize fans attending sporting events is truly at an impressive level.