Maggie Marshall
701 Shallowford St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
P: 336-893-6340

4Topps Premium Mesh Seating developed an innovative, breathable mesh premium-seating product line with the goal of revolutionizing spectating in the sports and entertainment industry. Unlike padded vinyl seats, 4Topps breathable mesh seat creates airflow that reduces surface temperature. Its cushioned sling design distributes weight evenly, eliminating pressure points that make sitting for extended periods uncomfortable. In addition to being cooler and more comfortable, 4Topps' AirFlow mesh dries instantly, unlike padded vinyl seats, which hold water after a rainfall.

4Topps has since developed a full product line of mesh seating products, including the patented 4Topps Loge Box, Tip-Up Row Seating, Slim Line Seating, Swivel Seating, Caster Seating, Folding Barstools, and Bleacher Seat Backs. 

Please visit www.4topps.com to schedule a site visit.