Ohana Towels

Simon JC Nash, Owner & GM
1254 NW Finn Hill Road, Unit B
Poulsbo, WA  98370
P: 206-557-2975

Ohana Towels supplies high-quality 100% cotton oshibori hospitality towels and warmers to businesses to help enhance their on-site experiences. Partners see visitors as guests, not customers, and, beyond service, seek to provide them genuine HOSPITALITY. Ohana Towels can help replace standard dialogue with more meaningful and unforgettable interactions at EVERY Moment of Truth on the journey hosts share with their guests. The impact can inspire more open and trusting relationships, transcending into subsequently deeper, more long-term emotional bonds between the two. Products: Individually-packaged Moist Oshibori Towels (Scented and Unscented); Dry Towels by the Bale; (Electric) Towel Warmers.