Ohana Towels

Simon JC Nash
GM & Owner
1230 NW Finn Hill Rd.; Suite D; Poulsbo, WA  98370

Ohana Towels supplies high-quality oshibori hospitality towels and warmers to businesses to help enhance their on-site visitor experiences. These partners see visitors as guests, not customers, and, beyond service, strive to deliver HOSPITALITY. The impact of the businesses focusing on how they make guests FEEL can inspire more open and trusting relationships, transcending into subsequently deeper, more long-term emotional bonds between the two.
+100% Cotton Oshibori Hospitality Towels (SCENTED or UNSCENTED)
+ Deluxe paper Oshibori Hospitality Towels that are a more robust, softer and fluffier alternative to typical synthetic and paper towelettes
+ (Electric) Hot-Cabi Towel Warmers
+ Custom-packaging Options