ALSD Announces Strategic Move Bringing Premium, Venue Design, Operations, and Technology Together, Functioning as One Cohesive Unit

With deep roots in the premium sector of sports business, ALSD is expanding its reach to bring complementary elements of venue technology and operation under “one roof.” Rollout of a new membership and conference platform will embrace organizations as a whole and include package deals that make sense for many departments to attend the annual ALSD Conference and Tradeshow, Design & Build Forum, and Tech Symposium together.
CINCINNATI, OH (September 29, 2022) – Association of Luxury Suite Directors (ALSD), an organization committed to connecting sports and entertainment industry professionals from all levels of the venue marketplace, today announced its vision to bridge the gap between all premium, design, facilities, and technology professionals so each can understand it's impact on the other, as well as the collective objectives, by putting them together to share best practices and innovations. 

ALSD leadership believes that sports business and the operation of its facilities and fan experiences is not one industry, but many – ‘It's All Connected.’ The cornerstone of the ALSD is premium, but by acknowledging the connection amongst all facets, the association is further embracing the facilities and technology professionals to break down silos and build a stronger, more cohesive platform. 
The ALSD Tech Community allows vendors and suppliers to discuss technologies and innovations with teams and venues through a variety of opportunities. These include being part of a panel discussion or roundtable, exhibits, one-on-one meetings, and networking sessions.
More than 300 venue projects are active in the US — from new builds, to renovations, to simple refreshes. The Design & Build Forum supports growth and innovation in the sports venue marketplace as an educational forum. As the physical and revenue footprint of premium spaces continues to grow, the ALSD explores how best-of-breed projects can create memorable fan experiences while delivering on the service and revenue expectations of major league sports and entertainment venues. Moreover, facility operation, optimization, and experience are all studied within the forum.

In 2023, a key goal and focus for the ALSD is to ensure cohesion amongst all pillars. As the ALSD continues to further embrace the facilities and technology professionals along with the premium core, it aims to build a strong, cohesive platform. The ALSD has acknowledged the importance of having each pillar interwoven and working together to ensure ‘It's All Connected.’ 
Additionally in 2023, with the mission of collaboration for maximum innovation and the communication of best practices, ALSD will collocate its conference with the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX), the organization studying the fan journey, with a specific focus on safety and security.

“Ultimately, every element of venue operation and optimization must work together to create the best possible fan experience,” said Jeff Morander, ALSD’s recently appointed CEO. “The investment in these connected touchpoints and metrics of fan satisfaction is monumental. With that, we're taking our association's 32-year platform to the next level.”

In the coming weeks, ALSD will be rolling out its reshaped membership program which will support its new vision of professional collaboration and embrace organizations as a whole to include package deals that make business sense for many departments to attend the annual ALSD Conference and Tradeshow together.

The 2023 annual conference and tradeshow will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana from July 9-11 and will serve as an arrangement of multiple exciting tracks: 

  • ALSD Conference and Tradeshow: for premium seating innovations and best practices in sales, service, leadership, and F&B
  • Design & Build Forum: for the facilities operators, architects and designers, and constructors of new and renovated spaces and venues
  • Technology Symposium: for the technology, BI, and strategy personnel responsible for studying revenue generation, fan experience, and operational efficiencies
  • IIFX: for the memory-making personnel along the fan journey, with specific safety, security, and guest experience roles

Of note, the venue tours that are hosted each night of the ALSD Conference showcase the most up-to-date, timely, and compelling trends in new and renovated sports and entertainment facilities. These tours not only provide real-time insight and education to attendees, but also allow attendees to get “hands on” with the industry innovations in the venue marketplace, while networking with peers who share the same vision for future state-of-the-art venues and experiences.