ALSD Virtual Panels

At some point, most of us desire to transition into premium leadership. Cathy Winter, President of Premier Sport Psychology discusses how to differentiate yourself as a leader by finding and sharpening your "edge."

Are the lines between premium and non-premium more blurred than ever, with all fans desiring an "experience"? Are you looking to redefine and distinguish "premium", take your hospitality to the next level? If so, this roundtable is for you.

This ALSD Virtual Panel discussion explores the changes being managed, problems being solved, and downstream impacts being considered to improve building operations and the bottom line.

Panelists discuss their journeys, how organizations are driving change, and how we can educate and hold one another accountable in our industry. This dialogue illustrates how we move the conversation forward.

Topics explored by the panel include overcoming fan fears with the help of data, imminent and potential changes, business needs, and examples from other industries.

In this first-ever panel of ALSD vendor partners for ALSD vendor partners, two industry thought leaders share their bullish sentiments around public assembly venues reopening.

In the world of premium hospitality, everything is customized for our most valued guests. The touchpoints we have with those guests now while we’re all working from home require a personal touch as well.

  When fans are allowed back in our venues, they will have many questions and concerns about

Now is the time for sports business professionals to work on their business instead of in their business in order to rethink their business in changing circumstances.

  We’re all out there searching for answers right now. Problem is, there aren’t always a

To illustrate the reopening trend, the ALSD turned to Jessica Fickenscher, Steve Swift, and Geoff Ulrich from Speedway Motorsports to share their lessons learned from multiple recent events for which racing venues welcomed fans back to the track.