Arrowhead Stadium - Community America Credit Union Activation

Dimensional Innovations partnered with CommunityAmerica Credit Union, the newest partner of Arrowhead Stadium, to help activate their brand inside one of the main entrances of the stadium. The CommunityAmerica Credit Union partnership includes exclusive fan experiences for Kansas City Chiefs fans as they enter Gate F, now known as the CommunityAmerica gate.

Fans can gather in the custom-designed and built space called ‘The Huddle.’ This area provides the perfect spot for fans to eat, drink and catch the game in a comfortable spot with a great view. Fans can come and go as they please, as The Huddle is a completely open, casual and stylishly designed stopping point for fans on the move during the game.

One of the most eye-catching installments is the spiraling gate ramp, which also makes a great photo opportunity. The ramp is an ideal stop for fans who enjoy hearing KC Rumble play during halftime. The drumline traditionally fills the concourse as fans look on from above. The lights integrated into the ramp are responsive to sound and noise, lighting up in sync with the drumline’s beat, creating a truly immersive experience for fans.

This brand activation celebrates community, invites fans into a bigger experience, and reflects the core values of both the Chiefs and CommunityAmerica Credit Union.

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Dimensional Innovations
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Alex Grigsby and Dakota Miller
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Sponsorship Activation