Break Down Silos to Boost Premium Client Acquisition and Retention

Charlene Nyantekyi illustrates how better collaboration between departments will lead to more sales conversions for your organization now and as the industry evolves in the future.


Suite entertainment in sports stadiums and arenas has changed dramatically in recent years. And all hospitality components, from the personas of those buyers purchasing premium seats to effective sales channels to the products themselves, will continue to evolve into the future.

One way to combat this constant change is better internal collaboration. When all departments share data, information, and internal referrals, more prospects convert to customers, now and down funnel.

“It sounds like really obvious stuff,” says Charlene Nyantekyi, General Manager of Club Wembley for The FA Group. “But looking at the room, it was very clear to see that actually it’s not necessarily happening all the time.”

Nyantekyi continues, “It was really fascinating to get to hear some of the internal initiatives that people were doing to drive revenue in their business, whether that be their commission structure to the rest of the office that they sit with, so it doesn’t matter if they are in sales or not, if you give them a referral and it converts, everyone gets rewarded from it.”

Are you new to the sports and entertainment industry? Are you a veteran looking to brush up on the fundamentals?

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