Brick by Brick: A Venue’s Narrative


A narration from the ALSD 2022 Tradeshow Floor with Brixilated Founder, Adam Mullins, who tells us how to bring a venue’s story to life, brick by brick. 

Who is Brixilated? 

AM: We create custom products and experiences with Lego. We love to create Lego products and experiences that tell the personal story of the locations, the places, and the menus that we visit.

It starts with the “why”. We often try to figure out the reason that we're creating the model and who is it going to.

Our goal is to create an aha moment, an experience where people go, “Wow, I never thought that that could be recreated, and it really captures the essence of the location that we're trying to showcase.” 

Brixilated shined at this year’s conference. Tell us how. 

AM: In this case, we worked with Amanda to find a unique way for her to show ALSD’s appreciation to all the host venues we toured.  

One of the locations toured at ALSD was Arthur Ashe Stadium [at the USTA Billie Jean National Tennis Center]. We worked with Amanda and the team at Arthur Ashe to get the specs and the layout so we could create this model with Lego brick. 

For each tour venue, we worked with the organizations and found those locations and specifications. We rebuilt the model, and we created a one-of-a-kind custom gift for ALSD to share after each tour. 

[In the video above], what you see is one of our custom models that we specially made for ALSD, Arthur Ashe Stadium. It's about a 1,000-part model and we have it in a protected acrylic case. 

It’s not solely the model that creates a buzz, we hear; it’s another layer of storytelling. Can you explain? 

AM: The LEGO model itself is always a crowd pleaser, but when we're working with our customers and clients, we often tell them while they have a captured audience, they’re going to have the ability to tell the story, the narrative through an instruction manual. 

We have an example of a digital layout of the instruction manual for Arthur Ashe Stadium. We grab that collateral, and we work with their marketing arm to capture the narrative that represents their personal story.