Calgary Stampede

In the 24 years since we first introduced private suites at the Calgary Stampede, we have never sent a client their tickets in a manila envelope – each year we custom design a ticket "vessel" to hold the ticket packages and we personally deliver the tickets to the clients.

In the early days, we enlisted our President and drove him around town for two days delivering tickets. We now have an annual Ticket Delivery Event, an exclusive client cocktail reception, and invite clients down to Stampede Park to receive their ticket packages in person.

Since 2012, we have exclusively sourced our ticket gift/vessel from Barrington Gifts through a local supplier. Gifts have ranged from locker caddies to laptop and computer bags and, since 2015, have featured an exclusive plaid fabric showcasing our brand colors. These gifts have become collector items with long-time and repeat clients since they are truly unique to the Calgary Stampede and cannot be duplicated.

Our local supplier is Kim Carrington from Carrington & Company.

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